Friday, November 28, 2008

6 Homemade Calendar Ideas + freebie

Hello friends, today I would like to share a couple of ideas I had when I was creating my calendar stamps: Hybrid Magic 12 and Digital Magic 02.

Everything I am going to show you can be made at home with a printer and A4 paper. It works great with whatever photographic paper you choose, matte or glossy, just a matter of preference.


Calendar Idea 1

Created with my Hybrid Magic 12 - 8x8 Calendar. Even though most of my stamps are 8x8 inches anyway, this set has small numbers and extra space which is perfect for the creation of diaries or any projects were you would like to make notes on special dates through the year; not only birthdays and anniversaries but also appointments and holidays.

IDEAS 2 & 3

Calendar Idea 2

Calendar Idea 3

Created with my Digital Magic 02 - Calendar Stamps 2009. Break an A4 page horizontally into 3 equal parts leaving a little white space on the bottom so you can fold the sheet into a triangle and attach at the bottom with double sided tape. This will create 3 panels per sheet, so you will need 4 A4 sheets (4 triangles) to make up a year. Then add either the week row calendar stamp or the full month calendar stamp and a couple of photos and you are done.

Calendar Idea 2

You can also break the A4 sheet vertically for a slimmer calendar. A step by step will be available on the Hybrid special edition of the DST newsletter (as well as a freebie to help you out). The DST Newsletter will be released on their website in December :)

IDEAS 4 & 5

Calendar Idea 4

Also created with the Digital Magic 02 - Calendar Stamps 2009. Break an A4 sheet in two, add two week stamps to it and maybe the year, a photo or other design element. Cut the sheet in half, to have one week per page. You will need to print 26 A4 sheets to make up a year.

Calendar Idea 5

You can also break up the sheet horizontally (or don't break it up at all) and place 8 weeks in the A4 sheet. With 8 weeks per sheet you will only need 6 sheets (and a half) to complete the year. You can cut up the 8 pages individually or leave them in groups of two or four.

I recommend you create a cardboard stand just like the one I did for my Mini Calendar (steps 3 and 4).

I am the first to admit this would be a time consuming project, so much so I know I won't be able to play with it and I didn't have time to make a template with this idea. But the week stamps are already made for you, so, if you have the time, I know this would be super useful and a rocking gift to a loved one :)


Calendar Idea 6

For those that are running out of time and want to keep it simple, just follow the same process in ideas 2/3 but swap the white space for more monthly stamps. Here it is:

Calendar Idea 6

Another option is swapping the year spot for another photo, not fold it and stick it in the fridge for display :)



Since it is black Friday and there are sales everywhere (and I had no idea LOL) here is a FREE template to make it easy peasy (please note calendar stamps are NOT included):

Folded A4 Calendar template - blog freebie

(click on the image for link)

I hope you enjoy playing with calendars, I know I could include at least 10 more calendar ideas in here, but time is short and I have to move on to other things :) The sky is the limit here, so go have fun creating!

[digital papers in previews by Michelle Coleman]


Pri said...

Mi, vc e suas idéias maravilhosas e inspiradoras!!!! Sou sua fã, obrigada pelo maravilhoso freebie!


Gabi said...

Obrigada Mi!!! Lindos seus exemplos!!!

Dúnia said...

Mi, ameiiiiiiiiiii todos os exemplos e o freebie que vou usar com certeza, brigadú!

Pam said...

I am so thankful for creative people like you in the digi-scrappin' world who are so kind to share their creativity!! Your ideas and creations are so inspiring!! Thank you so much for these calendar ideas!! Blessings to you!

Michelle from MD, USA said...

Wow, this is SO KEWL!! How come I didn't think of this?! This will make awesome little personalized gifts for Christmas. THANKS SO MUCH!!

Limar said...

Love love love it! Thank you! =)

Pam said...

Cute, cute! Thank you.

domestic goddess said...

absolutley gorgeous Michelle, you are so clever!

Karin J said...

Thanks so much for this great template :)

Carla said...

Adorei seu blog e seu trabalho!

Usei o freebie e ficou maravilhoso!

obrigada pelas dicas e pelo calendário!

Ganhou uma fã! Bjs!

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