Friday, November 7, 2008

CD Calendar Templates

Continuing my week about calendars (which will certainly have to go over the weekend now LOL)

I have been working on my 2009 CD calendars to give away to my mom and mother in law this Christmas. My CD Calendars are longer than usual as to completely cover the CD case, but they purposely don't fit inside a closed case. I have to admit I am loving how it is turning out :) Here is what I have so far:

July 2009 CD calendar page Apr 2009 CD calendar page Dec 2009 CD calendar page

and I love this one:

Sep 2009 CD calendar page

(click on images for full credits)

Here is the template set I have created:

Hybrid Magic 11 - CD Calendar

See you soon :)


Jackie said...

fantastic Michelle - you put so much work into these -and it just makes it so easy for the rest of us - thank you!! :)

Dúnia said...

Mi seus calendários estão um sonho, que saudade de vir aqui :)

scrapzone said...

Que LINDOS MI!!! E com suas fotos ficaram maravilhosos!!!

Luciana said...

Mi, awesome!!!
Loved it!

Melissa Kennedy said...

Your work is awesome

Thais said...

Oi Mí, amei os calendários, tanto que comprei os dois...but..senti falta da opçao destes calendários (com estas fonte)em português..é possível disponibilizar? É que presenteio a parentada, sabe?