Sunday, August 10, 2008

template pages round up

A couple more pages I found at DST created with my "My boy" template:

crow2 2008_Dylans3rdBirthdayParty_600x600 Summer-08--gallery vickylilly mf_myboytemplate_600px

Delightful_w mf_myboytemplatesmall Zen6 delightful-a nicolebirthday_Kopie

TS4_klein SweetFaces2 At-the-Park8 08_136_klein beach-girl1

DEBAJO-DEL-MAR-550 allgaeu_02_600 DuniaBECOOL_Web Sparkle-and-Shine1 blowingdandelions_paper7_ka

On-the-wave-Erwinweb 327483253_HZrgb-L plage25 Dylan_3_years_072108_prev DylanNEWBORN080208prev

I loooove looking at these, such creativity!!!

Pages using my "sweet" template:

080711 laughter6001 voceeassim-dunia mo-ww-deli-forum 2008-57-templatefilo_copy_600_x_600_

you-at-three by-happy1 080719b 6612 080719a

beauty-in-science-web Daddy_-hold-my-hand Emily_Medium_ jindra_templ sweet_smoochesjpg500x500

SillyGirls_DuniaWEB 3-generations-web Sam-Groove-Dance-0708-web amigo_n_o_tem_pre_o_copy3 louise-250708

michalka_pro_web I_heart_you3 RAK_pro_Dyp_150 Different-Ways-to-Eat-a-Str youandme4

Some of these really blew me out of the water... WOW!!! I won't point out the ones that really impressed me because I don't want to play favorites, but as I said, I am LOVING this :)

I did the draft for this post last Thrusday, things just have been buuuusy! Even though I haven't worked this week at all. Lucas had conjuctvitis and I just stayed home with him. One would think I would get heaps of scrapping done but it was just the opposite. Lucas has a thing with the computer, looks like he haaaaates sharing me with the big black box... every time I come near the computer he comes and hugs me and plonks himself on my lap. He even turns myself towards his face if I keep looking at the screen. So this week I gave up trying to trick him and just chilled on the couch. It was good, but I had heaps to do and now I have to catch up.

Happy Father's Day for those in Brazil :) Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!


Fabella said...

Oh what a wonderful idea, love it!! I love your template, it was a really great joy to play with it! Thanks!

Kerstin said...

Wow, that`s really stunning and I´m happy the "artist herself" left me a comment at DST - thanks a bunch!

The idea with the collection of all the layouts with this great template is really really cool! I only can repeat Fabella`s words - it brought a lot of fun to play with it!!

All the best for you and much greetings from germany,

Kerstin aka Terragina

snoopinette said...

I love your template!
I enjoyed to play with it..
and I'm so proud to see my page on your blog, really!

evitangel said...

love, love, love it

Len said...

I love your template! And I'm so proud my page is included here in your blog! WOOHOO! Thanks :) Good day!

denali said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh! There's mine! Yippeeee! Sweet of you to include it even though I haven't uploaded it anywhere. SOOOO nice of you! I can't wait to play with your 2nd template, too. I guess I need another holiday to scrap ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle!!! I love your templates!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!! I'm very proud to see my LO in your blog! Thanks!!! Is very easy make a beautiful job with your templates!! I have the other that you shared and I can't wait to use this one too!!! Congratulations for the wonderful job!!!

Sasha said...

I love those templates .. might have to try that .. so talented Ms Diva .. muah

ali said...

I couldn't figure out how to post my page using your template on the Little Dreamer site, but it's on my blog...
Thanks for the template it is fabulous!