Friday, August 1, 2008


The ever so lovely Jess from the Scrapbooking Ideas blog has invited me to answer a couple of questions on her blog. I love her blog, I am a major lurker there and so inspired by everything she does. It feels just like getting published in a magazine, so you might get my excitement!!! She showcased a couple of her favourite projects made by yours truly ;) and I must say they are some of my favourites too :) You can have a peek at the interview here: Scrapbooking Ideas: Michelle Filo (Mushy)!

The other thing tickling me pink is the fact that I am doing “all right” in paper scrapping and getting a lot of recognition :) I mentioned I have signed up for the Scrap in Style TV website and have been posting my paper LOs there. It is a woooonderful community and the site has some awesome features, like showing you your favourite sisters’ comments and layouts, that sure helps me a lot. Anyway, soon after my almost 30 album made it to the catwalk, my Monkey Boy page was selected LO of the day :) Here is the LO:

Monkey Boy

On Two Peas in a Bucket I have manage to get into the top 10 views/ votes a couple of times (as mentioned here). My latest LO to make into the top 10 was this one:

don't laugh

So, I guess I am very “successful” in the scrapbooking arena LOL :) but then I was looking for some photos to print for scrapbooking and I noticed how different I look from last year. 10 kilos heavier, it doesn’t really show in my face, but I can see it in my arms and legs... so, I guess I have failed keeping my weight down :(

Today is the first of August. I have decided to get back on track with my weight. No more second serves and everything else I do is super easy to follow. The rule is simple: add veggies +water and replace fat. All I have to do is make sure I include fruit and veggies on my diet every day. I sounds simple, but I don’t have fruit and veggies and I don’t drink water unless I “get into it”. It is hard when I am going to work and there is a lot of crap available to eat, but I have to find a way! Also, replacing full fat for diet products: no full fat cheese or milk, this is a small thing that makes a huge difference long term, and I guess that is were I am really failing. Wish me luck on following my simple rule!! Or else I will have to make another page to complement this one and document my failure... LOL

Have a great weekend!


Léa said...

Parabéns por todo esse sucesso, você merece!!!
E temos uma coisa em comum: os 10 Kg a mais... blé!!!
Beijos Léa

Dionne Molina said...

Michelle, I absolutely ADORE your work! Paper/digital hubrid - it all rocks. Thanks for the inspiration
Dionne Molina

Dionne Molina said...

um, that should read *hybrid* in the last post (hehe)

verabear said...

I would have to agree, you are SUCCESSFUL in the scrapbooking arena :) You do such gorgeous layouts, that's why :)

Gabi said...

hey sweetie :) How are you? We are finally back home from our vacation.

You rock, my friend!!!! Your work is outstanding, I'm a big fan of yours!!!
Good luck with your weight control, I should eat less chocolate as well ;)

Miss you!!!

angelhugo said...

Wow !I have just discover your blog and I loooooooooooove it !!!So beautiful LO's and photos !!If you want ,you can visit my blog too!Thanks your for the beautiful moment I have spent