Saturday, August 23, 2008

A DAM announcement + more

I have been missing out on lots of things but it sure isn’t because I am sitting on the couch watching TV (ok, maybe a little). I have created two projects for the upcoming September issue of the Digital Artist Magazine, it is going to be the BEST yet, I can almost guarantee from what I have seen so far! Shortly after I submitted the first project they have invited me to join the team as a contributor :) So, there you have it, I am behind the scenes now and LOVING it. Such an honour to be amongst such talented ladies. I could not believe most of my faaave digital scrappers were there :)

A little clue of things to come: September will be awesome!!!! So, watch this space!

This afternoon I went to a Stampin’Up party, my work friend Janet was the host and my dear friend Pam is my dealer... I mean, supplier :) It was the first time I created a fully hand made card, no computer and printed bits to help me out. Needless to say, I felt a little unprepared and missed the undo button terribly, but I kinda like the result :) I owe you a photo because ...ahem.. I forgot it at the party LOL oh, and I also created my very first artist trading card (ATC). I see how these little things can get addictive. Shame I gave it away without taking a photo, but now at least I know it is not a seven headed beast.

On other news, I am praying winter finishes sooner rather than later! I have the whole family sick at the moment. I am the one that is feeling best, since I was sick last week and just getting off of it, but the boys are super sick. Mateus was diagnosed with the croupe and has to hang in there for a couple of days, especially with his asthma, we really have to watch it. It is starting to look like Lucas got it too, and Alex is certainly run down (well, after spending the afternoon with two sick kids, it is expected)

OK, off to have a look at the Stampin’Up catalogue and then bed. Something tells me tomorrow will be a long day.


Brenda Hurd said...

so sorry your kids are sick - have i told you yet how amazingly talented you are! I LOVE your digi stuff and i'm so not digi!

Luciana said...

Mi, You are so sweet ! Thanks so much for everything specially the support you give me. You're a great teacher and an awesome friend. I also loved how your blog is looking. Hope you and the kids get better and enjoy mostly, Alex's Mac. Hehehehe.