Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New LDD Hybrid team

Michelle Coleman has plans for creating a Hybrid projects creative team at LDD. Guess who she invited to the team???

OMG I am soooooooooo happy!!! She saved me a lot of begging I was going to do to stay on LDD's creative team. I started there as a guest and now I will stay permanently. So, to "celebrate" I did my first post to the LDD’s blog this week. I shared a little Easter project and to make your life easier, I am sharing the template as a freebie. Hope to see lots of these little bags popping around the place.

easterbags, originally uploaded by michellefilo.

Note: Remember this project? Stay tunned to the LDD blog for it ~ oh, ok, I promise to post it here too :)


Léa said...

Parabéns pelo CT!!! Já baixei meu template e logo logo faço uma.
Beijos e Feliz Páscoa, Léa

Simoni said...

Baixei essa sacolinha na época e acho q enfiei no nariz o arquivo, procurei no meu pc e não encontrei, voltei aqui e fui pesquisar nos seus arquivos e a encontrei e com o link pra baixar ainda disponível, vc não existe!!!!