Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happiness overload

Where do I start, it is only the 4th of March and the month is already one of the best I had in a long time. Oh well, nothing is absolutely perfect, but you know how people say the universe conspires? Well, I think the universe just wants me to be happy :)

You know how happy I am about the quickpages, just having stuff with my name out there makes me happy! Then I was over the moon when I found out last week I was going to be guest Dream girl for the month of March at Little Dreamer Designs. I think these hybrid projects did the trick:

More happy
Then today I got a PM letting me know that I am the week’s featured scrapper at DigiShopTalk. I just love the place, it is THE hub for scrappers ALL over the world. It is neautral ground where everyone gets to show their stuff and I just can't believe I will be one of 52 lucky ladies to be featured this year! I mean, talk about lucky!!!

I truly truly cannot believe all this has happened just now, when I needed most :)

Even more happy
I went back to work today. I went to work after spending pretty much 16 months at home with the kids. You might remember the struggle it was when I tried to go back to work in April last year, how conflicting it was to want to go back and at the same time having Lucas not adapting to childcare, etc. Today was a WHOLE different ball game. I was happy from the word go, I dropped the kids off in this new childcare I am thinking it is great. They provide EVERYTHING, nappies, food, milk, bibs, and even extra clothes if needed. I don’t have to worry and I did not worry. Mateus was just so excited about it and he LOVED the place, almost as much as he loves pre-school. Once I got to work, it was such a downpour of smiles and excitement that I just couldn’t help feeling a bit teary. It was such a warm welcome, every 5 minutes someone would stop at my desk to celebrate my coming back to work. I even got actual work done, which I was very proud of! I didn’t think I could catch up so quickly, but it felt like a never left.

Ok, to finish of this long post, I have to catch up with DD's community photo of the day project:

1. excitement 2. addiction (chocolates) 3. Lucas’ first steps (yeah, talk about HAPPY, we caught it on camera and we have a video too, wooohoo) 4. on the way to work.


Suzana Biancardi said...

ai miii, eu quero ver o videooo

te amo

AfriDigiDiva said...

Those are sooo nice. You'll have to do a tutorial.

michellewaite1 said...

Great Hybrid Project. Congrats for LLD & DST and I am glad you have such a wonderful daycare set up. It always nice to enjoy the peace of knowing your kids are safe and well cared for.

DawnMarch said...

congratulations on such a happy time! Glad to hear that going back to work has been a good experience!

Léa said...

Parabéns por todas as suas conquistas, você merece... Beijos Léa

Anonymous said...

Hey, wanted to say hi and haven't forgotten YOU and your sweet boys! I will try to stop by here and say hey once in a while!

Huge ALOHA from Yvette