Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why do I suck at blogging?

Well well well, I think the REAL question is: Why do I have to procrastinate all the time. Even I am tired of this... why do something now if it can be done 2 min later? LOL That is just crazy. I have had lots of post ideas, and things I wanted to share, even if just scrapbook pages, but I never sit down and WRITE... why? I have other projects too, some are sooooo cool, but instead I go browsing the internet or spend ages doing something else I just came up with. It is hard to understand, if I hate this attitude in others, why do I do it? Today I finished up some forms one hour before Mateus’ interview at school... I have had them for 4 months. Letters, I have a list of people I want to write to... one of them is on my list for almost 2 years. Why Why why :( I just wanted to be more proactive, and I know I have wanted to do it for a long time. Hopefully, getting back to work next month will do it for me. I guess I work better under *more* pressure.


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