Wednesday, November 7, 2007

one page worth many

the page:

During the "digital scrapbooking day" weekend, I was so busy with chats and trying to keep on the loop that I didn't scrap at all. The girls at the Digichick were having a creative team contest and decided to extend the deadline by 9 hours... 9 hours, just enough for me to include some sleep and time for a layout, and so I did! OMG LUCKY I did!!! They picked me to be the new girl at the Digichick Creative Team. I still don't quite believe it, it kinda feels like.... Imagine someone knocked on your door and you told you won a brand new car.... totally unexpected, you in your PJs, how do you feel?.. yep! that is how I felt! LOL

I am about to go away for a while so really, won't be doing much until next year but that is actually a good, I will get to know the forum and everyone there a bit better :) I am ready for the journey, are you ready for some serious eye candy? hahaha ok.. I'll do my best ;)

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