Friday, November 9, 2007

My SUAS journey

(long post)
I was anonymous contestant number 16010A for the Stand Up and Scrap Contest, here are my beloved pages and credits:

WEEK 1: dreams

I love Australia, but how good would it be if I could live with my family in Brazil? So much would have to change for that to happen though, so, my layout is a little bit utopian, but we were asked to dream BIG :)

Jackie Eckles – Coffee Stains Brush Set, Inked Swirls, Coastal Kit flower, Tape frame (altered) and Doodly Font.
Michelle Coleman – Painted Heart
Michelle Coleman – Glow - Gold Dust Edge
Amanda Heimann – Backs - Almost White
Sue Cummings – Chalked Frames volume 3
Lisa Whitney - Background paper
Dani Mogstad – The Ultimate Stitches Collection - the 'not so' basic and 'im'perfect circles
Christina Renee – Dirty Notes - Blue
Journaling Font is 1942 Report.

WEEK 2: sweet smiles

I love PP :)

Lisa Whitney ~ Ultimate Stitches Vol2
Lisa Whitney ~ A Beautiful Mess background paper
Fee Jardine ~ Big adventure alpha
Michelle Coleman ~ Sweet June patterned papers
Font is 1942 report

WEEK 3: must be love

My favorite LO for the competition :)

I made a similar layout with this music before. I got “stuck” with it in my head when I tried to go back to work when Lucas was 5 months old. I couldn’t understand why it was so hard even though he was my second child. This song reflected exactly how I felt when I decided to ask for another year of leave from work it must be love!

Journaling: Selections from “Must be Love” by Madness.

I never thought I'd miss you Half as much as I do And I never thought I'd feel this way The way I feel About you

As soon as I wake up Every night, every day I know that it's you I need To take the blues away

How can it be that we can Say so much without words?

I've got to be near you Every night, every day I couldn't be happy Any other way

It must be love, love, love It must be love, love, love Nothing more, nothing less Love is the best

Background paper from A Beautiful Mess and stitching by Lisa Whitney.
Background paper, Bookplate Alpha and Alphabits Alpha by Christina Renee.
Alpha from Sk8r Girl and Little words by Dani Mogstad.
Grunge overlay and Paintsrokes by Sue Cummings.
Doodly font and Doodled hearts by Jackie Eckles.
Font: Funky

WEEK 4: peaceful

Beautiful baby by me.
Transparent pocket by Leora Sanford.
Paper hearts, lace and gold overlay by Michelle Coleman.
Background paper, Alpha, buttons and staples by Lisa Whitney.
Font is Jane Austen.

WEEK 5: brotherly love (made it to the top 10)

{if you can't see the love between those two, then I picked the wrong photo}

Background paper from "A Beautiful Mess" kit by Lisa Whitney.
Stitching from Ultimate Stitches Vol. 02 by Lisa Whitney.
Doodles from Whimsicality Series No. 02 by Jackie Eckles.
Font is Monteiro Lobato

WEEK 6: think green

I am not proud I am one of those lazy ones. One of those that sometimes
spend a little too long in the shower instead of cutting it short to save water
throw the glass container in the normal bin because it is dirty instead of washing and doing the right thing
take the car when I could use public transport and contribute a little less to our huge pollution problem
and other such things that I know I could avoid, but am too lazy to.
My hope for the future is not only to learn to do the right thing, but also to change, to be that other person, that one that not only cares, but does something about it.
Well, at least, that is the plan!

Background paper and stitching by Lisa Whitney
Doodled star brush by Jackie Eckles.
(I think this is the least amount of digi elements I ever used in my life, but I really wanted to focus on the message)

So, what do you think? I wasn't happy with my "performance" in the contest, no points for my favorite pages... but I like my pages.. yeah, maybe a little pocket album with these? what do you think? :)


Andrea said...

Your LO's are beautiful! My favorite is your favorite! I hadn't thought of that song in a long time! Thanks for reminding me!
Great job!!!! I am especially impressed with how you used the continuous bg for all of them, it makes it a complete work all together. thanks so much for sharing!

BrigittevT said...

Your pages are beautiful, I am sure they would look great in an album ! Well done, forget about points ;-)

Jessica said...

Oh, I love them!! They would all look so nice together in an album too!!!

meems said...

I've told you this before but I just love how you used the same background for all 6 pages. Now that was good thinking! I really liked your honest journaling in the last one; I guess b/c I can relate to it.

Lisa said...

Oh Michelle, these truly are GORGEOUS, some serious eye candy here cause I could just stare at them for hours, yummy layouts!!!