Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day

it is almost 5AM, I have been to 4 chats, collected some cool freebies, got info on a ton of challenges but I don't think I will have any energy to participate in anything tomorrow... next year we celebrate DSD during the Aussie day time mmk? :)

also, an update, 3 weeks to go before: BRAZIL! WOHOOO (so much to do, so little time)

and check this out (for my mom's 50th, an ABC album):

(credits: Shabby Miss Jenn's Flea Market Baskets)

Lastly, if you speak postuguese: temos um desafio relâmpago acontecendo no Scrapblog para comemorar o dia do Scrapbook Digital :)

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