Friday, October 12, 2007

Feliz dia das crianças

In Brasil, it is children's day! Oh, I used to love that, getting presents just like christmas, playing and celebrating the day. I had no plans to celebrate here at all, but a couple of brazilian friends organized something at their place and off we went! The kids had the greates time! Mateus is allergic (to everything) and started sneezing the moment we got there. It seems there is a cat living "outside". Anyway, it didn't keep him from playing and running and screaming and marvelling at everything around him. Here is a little eyecandy with the boys:

Credits: Alpha by Katie and Tiff/ Doodled date tapes by Katie Hadfield/ Messy staples (neutral) by Katie Hadfield/ Background paper by Nancy Comelab/ Paint and WordArt by Sue Cummings/ Chalked Frames Overlays 3 by Sue Cummings.

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Aninha Reis said...

Que lindo LO Mi!
Mil beijocas pra você e suas crianças :-)