Tuesday, January 13, 2009

home decor

I have been having some fun at this new place. We feel this is the place we will stay for a looong time, maybe even retire in here, so we are a bit more willing to invest our time and money making it ours. We never did that before. So I started a little photography wall, which is going to expand in the future:

home decor

home decor home decor

I also decided to play with Fancy Pant's All Fall Collection and create some shadow boxes. It was a lot of fun to put together:

home decor

home decor home decor

home decor

These were also featured at the Miss Fancy Pants blog.

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I am packing now, we are going to Jamberoo Water Park tomorrow. It will be a hot day and I bet the kids will enjoy it. Will have to finish catching up another time :)



Patamomma said...

Love the wall of photos! Great work. Really like the shadow boxes. Patty

scrapcat said...

These are awesome!
Looks like you're having fun decorating!

Léa said...

Que legal Mi, ficou tudo lindo!!!

MaryRose Lovgren said...

Are you no longer on Flickr? Will miss your photos there...