Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year :)

happy new year :), originally uploaded by michellefilo.

I am here, in 2009! I feel the *new* already! I spent the first 3 hours of 2009 going back home from a party, putting the kids to bed, talking to mom, checking my e-mails, uploading pages to flickr, and creating a little card for this moment (and post), and now I am blogging. A lot of what I will do many more times this year, so that’s a good start, right? (except it is past 3AM and I plan to not go to bed so late during the year LOL)

And what lies ahead?
Lots of sharing, planning, expectations, lots of NEW. A new house, a new decade for me to enjoy (going to miss my 20s though), a new lens :D, new scrap room, new ambitions, new work regime, new routine, new school for Mateus (big boy school, wow), new childcare room for Lucas (up a level), new ATTITUDE towards life!

Planning includes redecorating the new house, learning photography, organizing myself, eating better, exercising, more activities as a FAMILY, but also, more ME time. Maybe even a trip to see family and friends in Brazil, maybe!

Anyway, hope your new year has it ALL!!! Happy 2009!

with love, mushy


Peggy said...

Happy New Year to you too!!! We still have 6 hours to go before the big countdown, so our evening is just beginning, strange huh!
I love your card, I even called my husband to show it to him. I love this idea, and I'm definitely going to scraplift this for my cards next year ... if you don't mind.
xxx Peggy

scrapcat said...

Wishing all the best in the new year!!!!!

love that card!

charlie said...

Happy New Year from a fellow the pic..Have a wonderful 2009!

Christine (supertwinkle) said...

Happy New Year Michelle!

LuAnn said...

Happy New Year! love the card!! very cute!! Hope the new one is a prosperous one for you!

{ b r u n a } said...

Lindo cartão! Feliz tudo novo em 2009 ;)

Isabelle said...

Happy New Year to you too Michelle! your card is adorable!

Gabi Butcher said...

FELIZ 2009!!!
E já sabe... se vier para o BR temos que nos encontrar!!!

Jess Gordon said...

Happy New Year Michelle - this card is simply adorable!!!!!!!

nansee said...

May it be your best year ever, sweet Michelle!!! Thinking of you!

Brenda Hurd said...

Happy new Year! Super cute card - and wishing you all the best in 2009!

Gabi said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, too!!!

Love your card, Michelle!