Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hybrid T-shirt Challenge

I am hosting a challenge at the Little Dreamer Designs blog. Have a look there for more examples or have a peek here. From the Little Dreamer Designs Blog:

For this challenge you will need a T-shirt, a fabric transfer paper, and an iron :)

Fabric transfer paper comes in two varieties, for dark fabric and for white fabric. Choose carefully as this will impact on your final result. Follow the transfer’s instructions carefully.

Five little steps to get you started:

1. Start by creating your digital design,
here is mine made with brushes from the Punked kit by Lori:


2. If you choose the transfer for white fabric you will need to flip your image, like so:
coolboyshirt copy
(DO NOT flip your image if you picked the dark fabric transfer paper)

3. Print your design into the transfer paper carefully following the instructions:

I used Inspired 4x6 White T-shirt transfers by Avery.

4. Iron on your transfer into the shirt:

5. Let the transfer cool before removing and voila:
IMG_6003 IMG_6007

Here is my little boy showing off his shirt:

IMG_6019 IMG_6016

Fun isn't it? Would love to see what you come up with :) there are two more weeks to play!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OH MY GOD I just have to toot!!!

Sorry, I never intended my blog to be only about scrapping and self promotion but it is not my fault no family (except hubby) reads this. So I talk about the stuff people that visit this blog dig, and that is Scrapbooking ;)

Back to the story, last week I decided to reactivate my account at Two Peas and create an account at SISTV (more on why in a future post).

So, I posted my car album at Two Peas and a friend sends me and e-mail to let me know I made it to the Top 10 by views AND by Votes. ????

Two PeasTop 10

I was laughing, could not believe it. Hubby didn’t quite know what I was going on and on about LOL I was stunned by the receptivity of the community to a hybrid scrapper :)

Today I got more great news, I found out I got into this week's Catwalk at SISTV. Cathy picked my {almost 30} freestyle album. I mean, that also blew my mind, and the comments and love in that website is amazing!!!

Then just now I posted my Train Album at Two Peas and it was picked Featured Layout of the Day...... I had to double check...

Featured LO at Two Peas

And then I said, that’s it, I am tooting!!! LOL Just had to share, thanks for letting me gloat :) Now I NEED to go to bed, it is almost 3AM :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Freestyle Album Template

Got a new template at Little Dreamer Designs :) Super fun to create!

Hybrid Magic 05 - Freestyle Album

Here is a closer look (not great photos for lack of sunlight!!!):

freestyle album

freestylealbum (1)

freestylealbum (2)

freestylealbum (3)


Hybrid Magic no. 05 - Freestyle Album

Bohemian Summer kit and Floral Spray Brushes by Michelle Coleman @ Little Dreamer Designs.

Freestyle album, Rhinestones and paint by Kaisercraft.
Ghost flowers, glossy white chipboard and green “adore” ribbon by Heidi Swapp.
Yellow ribbon by Doodlebug Designs.

*Photos by Lanne :) (

Not much else going on except "rain rain go away, please come back another day" LOL but here we don't complain of rain *sigh* I don't like dark days though, getting tired of them!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ok *slaps own face* wake up! I am tired of feeling sorry for myself. I have been sick over four weeks, with good and bad days and the kids also got sick in this meantime, and I think I gave up fighting on this last week. I started taking Mersyndol which would put me to sleep at “normal” hours (as opposed to my usual past midnight bed time) and that put me behind big time. BUT I am here, decided to fight this, as my useless doctor says, just “soldier on” ;)

So, while I was gone I was going to have a post with some Valentines and loooooove scraps I made. Why? Because Valentine’s day in Brazil was June 12 :). Then I thought of a funny post for the Friday 13th, got too late for that one too. Then a Father’s day post, maybe?... well, too late for that too and too early as we only celebrate father’s day in August in Brazil and September in Australia...

but I am still going to share a father’s day present I created for hubby. I am ever so jealous that he gets to celebrate it 3 times LOL but when Cathy from Digital Artist Magazine invited me to create a hybrid project for the May issue I thought it was a nice excuse to ask HIM, what kind of crafty project he wanted made. I took him to the Craft Store and showed him the Kaisercraft stand with all the off the page projects, I was aiming for the wall clock but he went for the pencil holder... FINE, ok LOL :)

Here is the end result:

pencilholder (0)

pencilholder (4) pencilholder (1) pencilholder (3) pencilholder (2)
Made with designs by Nancy Kubo (Daddy-O Kit, btw, it is on special right now) and pencil holder and paint by Kaisercraft.

And before I go, a little tag. Alice tagged me. Thanks sweetie, it was the push I needed to blog today!

I had this tag before, Line tagged me last year, but I did in Portuguese, so I guess it is ok to translate it now :)

1. When there is a food I like at home, I can’t stop eating until it is all gone.
2. I love computer games and completely lose track of time when I am playing (so I avoid it)
3. Sometimes I value what other think more than my own opinion (sad)
4. I was a bad apple at school until I got to College, then I become top of my class (go figure)
5. I *also* like Heavy Metal (used to be only heavy metal but nowadays I am normal... LOL)
6. I don’t like high heels, skirts or lipstick...
7. Sometimes I will pay to stay at home rather than do anything outside.

There you go, completely random things about me that I think most people don’t know :)

I am tagging Jackie, Nancy, Catherine, Michelle, Gabi, Amanda and Lanne.

Oh, I almost forgot a little “announcement”: Amanda Heimann is having a CT Call.

Hope you have a great week!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A closer look: Mini Car Album

*************************removed for publication*************************

Friday, June 6, 2008

Car Album Template

*************************removed for publication*************************

Thursday, June 5, 2008

car album - in progress

car album - in progress, originally uploaded by michellefilo.

a little sneak peek :)


gold, originally uploaded by michellefilo.

who would have thought, I tried every possible way to capture the gold on my wings album and finally I manage to do it at night with artificial light.... oh well, living and learning! LOL

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

me x four

I was tagged by Nancy Comelab and Emilie**(ETA) to do the four things about me tag. Since I got tagged with this last month by Jackie Eckles, I decided to do something different, I created a LO for it (and notice that my answers did change a little):


And I also got tagged by a couple of Brazilian friends, Carina and Dani, so excuse me while I answer these in Portuguese :)

Quatro empregos que eu já tive:
- Informações turísticas
- Gerente de vendas na MTV
- Pesquisadora de Turismo(?)
- Agente de publicações (?)
(ok, não acho que consegui traduzir direito esses empregos hehe)

Quatro filmes que eu assisto sempre que passam:
- Senhor do Anéis
- História sem Fim
- Indiana Jones
- Guerra nas Estrelas

Quatro lugares que eu já morei (só morei em 2):
- Cuiabá - Brazil
- São Paulo - Brazil
- Bournemouth - England
- Canberra - Australia

Quatro programas de TV que eu gosto:
- Grey’s Anatomy
- Heroes
- House
- BattleStar Galactica

Quatro pessoas que me mandam e-mail regularmente:
- Sônia (sogrinha)
- Suzana
- Jacqueline
- Melissa

Quatro coisa que você faz todo dia sem falta:
- Passear na net
- Rir e reclamar
- Beber Coca Zero
- Carinho no meu marido e filhotes

Quatro comidas favoritas:
- Salada César de Camarão
- Filé Mignon com Molho Mostarda feito pelo maridinho
- Macarrão com espinafre e camarão
- Salmão lá do “Southern Cross Club”

Quatro lugares onde eu gostaria de estar:
- Tô bem aqui mesmo!
- Não existe lugar melhor do que o nosso lar (certo?)
- Na cama, a essa hora eu deveria estar dormindo.
- Japão, adoraria conhecer o Japão!

Thanks Carina and Nancy!
And Thanks everyone for stopping by, consider yourself tagged and challenged LOL.
Yes, I challenge you to create a page with one of these blog tags. Who knows? Maybe I will have a little something for those that take my dare ;)