Saturday, September 1, 2007


Me and my addiction to challenges, I just love them! It is the best way for me to do stand alone pages, otherwise I only want to do double pages for albums and, although I LOVE my albums, I don’t elaborate so much on the pages, it gets “too much” if I do.

So, today I got a layout picked as the random winner at the Digidare. I love it, and the funny thing is that I also did it for the blog birthday challenges at Catscrap. Here it is:

Now, let me tell you I have LOVED a lot of things from Catscrap for the longest time, I used to visit Birgit’s private blog and I always keep up with what is happening at the store, I was stocked when Joana joined, because she rocks and she is Brazilian ;) BUT I never even registered there. You know why? Because I knew when I did I would start buying like crazy (and I cant afford that LOL) That is what happened with the Lilypad (remember I also won a contest there?). Back to Catscrap, I knew I lost the battle when I saw the challenges on their blog... that was it, I was off to shop and PLAY. I had so much fun! The layouts are completely different from the stuff I normally do, I think, well, it feels that way. I think the creative team there is SOOO amazing!!! Here are the other two layouts I did for their challenges:

Writing this post, I just noticed I neglected to tell you I won a U$50 GC to Christina Renee Designs. OMG OMG OMG right? LOL I was stocked!!!! Remember I did 7 layouts in one week for her challenges?
Well, I didn't win anything for those LOL but later she had a hide and seek challenge that was loads of fun! I created this layout for her challenge AND our August challenge over at the Scrapblog. I love combining challenges ;)

Good thing I participated, I had already spent tons at her store but it is soooooooo good to know if she releases something new I CAN HAVE IT with no guilt LOL

Well, last but not least, here is a layout I did for a challenge at Digital Designs Essentials, owned by Gina Cabrera. I LOVE their stuff! And this was a great excuse to use my stash ;)


Ana Paula said...

ADOREI esse último! Ainda não tinha visto... menina, tu sabe que não comento nas galerias, mas amo teu trabalho, né? :)

Dúnia said...

Michelle, your designs are alwyas amazing, congrats for all the challenges, you rocks!